Exposome Correlation and Interpretation Database (ECID)

ECID is a biomedical knowledgebase of curated inter-chemical correlations from the core chemical datasets in exposomics. These datasets are prioritized from human biomonitoring studies using targeted and untargeted assays. ECID has applications in characterizing and understanding the effects of exposome chemicals on the human health. 

ECID (ecidbase.org) has three main online modules. 

Explore curated inter-chemical correlations. 

Explore the informatics resources to interpret the inter-chemical correlations.

Analysis and mapping of new data into ECID resources

Funding: ECID Biomedical Knowledgebase is supported (2023-2028) by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), National Institute of Health (NIH), USA by the grant ( U24ES035386). 


Barupal, D. K., Mahajan, P., Fakouri-Baygi, S., Wright, R. O., Arora, M., & Teitelbaum, S. L. (2022). CCDB: A database for exploring inter-chemical correlations in metabolomics and exposomics datasets. Environment international, 164, 107240. PMC9195052